Strain List

DSC_0047As we raise our own moms and caretake our clones through every step of the process, we sometimes have a limited availability of certain strains. We take pride in our plants at all of their stages, and we will always deliver to you the strains and quantities you ask for.

Let us know if you are growing indoors or outdoors, in rockwool or in soil, and if you are looking for sativa dominate or indica dominate and we will help with recommendations.

You can also check out our menu on Weedmaps here: URBNZ High Desert Clones WeedMaps listing

Current Prices and Deals:

$10 each for clones in rock wool. SPECIAL: 12 for $100

Clones1016 (1)$15 each for established plants in 16 oz cups (these are ready for transplanting to explode in growth). SPECIAL: 12 for $150

$35 each for teens of 16 inches or greater, hardened under 1000 watt HPS and Ready to Flower



Strain List:


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