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As we raise our own moms and take care of our clones through every step of the process, we sometimes have a limited availability of certain strains. We take pride in our plants at all of their stages, and we will always deliver to you the strains and quantities you ask for.

Let us know if you are growing indoors or outdoors, in rockwool or in soil, and if you are looking for sativa dominate or indica dominate.

We do REQUIRE a doctor’s recommendation, as we are not a retail/recreational service.

  • Do you need a doctor’s recommendation? If so, we recommend Nugg MD, who can handle it over the phone for you, and you make your appointment online.

We have a $100 minimum and are delivery only.

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Current Prices and Deals:

Clones: $10 each for clones in rock wool. SPECIALS: 12 for $100, 50 for $400, 100 for $700

Clones1016 (1)PreTeens: $15 each (SPECIAL: 18 for $250) for established 10″  plants in biodegradable jiffy peat pots in soil. These are ready to be transplanted. Call for available strains. Bulk Discount Available.

Teens: $25 each for teens of 14 inches or greater.



Current Strain List:

Clones ($10 each, 12 for $100, 50 for $400, 100 for $700):

Please note that most of our clones are no longer in rockwool. Instead, we use a soil-based plug called a QPlug which has been specially formulated for young clones. We have made this transition as the QPlugs provide a healthier, cleaner environment for the plants and the plants can transition more easily into a new substrate once transplanted.  QPlugs provide more air to the roots and better water control.




Teens $25 each (some in stock, contact as they fluctuate frequently). Will be available around the end of May!! Contact now to pre-order!

  • Many strains will be available in various quantities!! Contact for a more current list!

Contact us now for more information! (760) 646-3644

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