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Marijuana Plant Nursery – Southern California 2019

A new year has begun and we are ready to help you face it. Many new strains have been added over the last several months, all of them great and all of them ready to be grown out this year.

2019 we will have many more teen plants.

Plants sized from 15-24 inches will be available for most of the summer season. This is a service we have tried to offer before but were never able to maintain enough inventory for all of the growers out there, we are hoping we will be able to this year but do advise that growers call ahead and reserve plats to ensure that they are available.

Clones – Teens – Seeds

We have a limited number of seeds available from Your Seed Company. If you have been following along with this company you will know that they are one of the top producers of quality right now and have an incredibly limited availability. We are pleased to be able to offer the first three cards from Your Seed Company, #1 Donatello, #2 Rigel OG and #3 Fuego OG.

We will be delivering clones and more all over Southern California!

We are working hard this year to ensure that we can serve all of the patients that are looking to grow this year and have expanded our reach to a larger area of Southern California.

If you are ready to grow or just want to check on availability give us a call today!

(760) 646-3644

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California Seed Bank Online

Now that a good portion of the country has made legal the consumption of cannabis either for medical reasons or recreational reasons a lot of cannabis consumers are wondering how to grow their own. The high cost of cannabis coupled with the limited availability of specific strains makes it almost mandatory to grow your own if you are looking for something incredibly specific.

As more and more big money enters the cannabis market we can expect more and more of the same to be produced… and for those of us who have specific tastes we are left to fend for ourselves or consume what has been created for the masses. This is one of the reasons I support the concept and company behind Your Seed Company.

These guys have been a part of the cannabis seen for more than a decade and have used their experience and connections to preserve some of the most unique strains of cannabis available. The preservation of high quality cannabis genetics should be something that is important to all in the industry but right now many of the big producers are more worried about increasing yield while they focus on profits, however Your Seed Company is trying to assist all growers in developing their own seed bank and empowering growers to preserve the genetics that mean the most to them. It is important to remember that the history of cannabis is the history of cannabis culture.

In addition to preserving some of the best cannabis genetics available, Your Seed Company has also developed some amazing strains of their own, one of which we frequently have available. Fuego OG. This is a strain that has produced some amazing results and has quickly become a favorite for those who have had the opportunity to grow it.

The whole collectible card angle is just something that I enjoy, hopefully the company will continue their success and I will be able to collect a few thousand of these!

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What to expect from 1 Marijuana plant

We serve a lot of patients that grow their own medical marijuana, really it’s our primary focus… And a few of those patients have let us see their process from start to finish. A lot of patients have asked us how much they can expect to grow from a single plant, and while that is an impossible question to answer we thought we would share a recent grow we observed.

With the outdoor season allowing for natural harvest many growers are taking advantage of the natural light and growing in patios and green houses. We followed the progress of a patient growing a single marijuana plant of our Sour Diesel strain. This is a strain that is typically grow outdoors and can have amazing results.

This particular grower took advantage of a small(ish) green house to grow a single Sour Diesel  plant and tended to the plant for a 2 week veg period. Using fairly standard nutrients and for the most part letting the plant do what it wanted. The Sour Diesel plant was caged with field fence and trained to grow as wide as possible.

The overall outcome was quite impressive for the grower who had never grown before.


Nearly an ounce grown from the first plant, which was more than enough for this medical patient. Taking clone to finished product in less than 13 weeks was pretty impressive… and only took so long because the Sour Diesel strain is known for having a 10+ week flowering time.

Overall great work to the credit of the grower and quality product to the credit of this quick growing and amazing strain.

How much you will grow from one plant is determined by the strain you choose, the time you allow the plant to veg, and the conditions under which the plant is grown.

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How to see in a grow room

This is a question we frequently get asked, typically from growers who spend a lot of time in their grow rooms or from growers who are working on a large scale. If you have ever spent more than a couple of minutes under an HPS or MH light you know that the spectrum can really mess with your eyes and over time the lights have even been known to cause headaches.


Recently at a convention we came across a company that had the perfect product for this, Method Seven. The product is indoor, grow room specific, sun glasses. In addition to making the light far more tolerable the glasses also make it much easier to see what you are working on. The picture I took doesn’t do it justice and I can’t express the how helpful it is to have clear vision when working but strongly suggest any indoor growing taking the time to check out these quality specs.

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