Durango OG

March 5, 2020

This strain is currently discontinued. Instead, we would suggest Alien Bubbha.

General Strain Information

Type: Indica Dominate Hybrid

Genetics: Alien OG x Alien Bubba (created by La Plata Labs)

Flowering Time: 49-56 days

Description: Durango OG is an 80/20 indica dominate hybrid that was produced by La Plata Labs. It has a consistent THC range of 20-23% and a very strong scent that can easily be smelled, even in a large space. It has a mild lemon-pepper taste that changes to citrus during exhalation. The plant produces little and puffy nugs with white, thick trichomes and amber hairs.

This strain is best to treat cramps, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, migraines, and eye pressure, and is best used in the evenings. It can often make users feel giddy initially, and then switches to a body buzz that results in hunger and couch-lock. It has a short flowering time of 49-56 days.

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