Growing Cannabis from a Clone: A Comprehensive Guide

February 10, 2023
growing clones

Growing cannabis plants from clones is a popular method among cultivators due to its ease and consistent results. Clones are cuttings taken from a mature mother plant, which can be propagated and grown into a new, identical plant. In this blog post, we will discuss the process of growing cannabis plants from clones, including preparation, care, and maintenance.


Before starting to grow cannabis clones, it is important to have the proper equipment and supplies. You will need a cloning area, such as a propagation tray or dome, rooting hormone, cloning gel or powder, growing medium, and a humidity dome. It is also important to choose a healthy and robust mother plant that has been grown in optimal conditions to ensur ethe success of the clones.

Taking Cuttings

The next step is to take cuttings from the mother plant. Make sure to take cuttings that are healthy, disease-free, and free of any damage. Cuttings should be taken at a 45-degree angle, just below a node, which is the area where leaves and branches emerge from the stem. The cutting should be 4-6 inches in length and have 2-3 leaves.

Rooting Hormone

After taking the cuttings, dip the cut end into rooting hormone to encourage root growth. Follow the instructions on the rooting hormone package for the correct amount and application method. Then, place the cutting into the growing medium, making sure the cut end is in contact with the medium.

Humidity Dome

Once the cuttings have been placed in the growing medium, place them under a humidity dome to maintain high levels of humidity and prevent the cuttings from drying out. The humidity dome will also protect the cuttings from air currents, which can cause damage to the delicate new growth.


Cannabis clones need bright, indirect light to promote healthy growth. A fluorescent light or LED light can be used, but it is important to keep the light at the correct distance from the cuttings to prevent damage. The light should be kept about 2-4 inches above the cuttings and should be turned on for 16-18 hours per day.


It is important to keep the growing medium consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water the cuttings every 2-3 days, or when the top inch of the medium feels dry to thee touch. A spray bottle can be used to water the cuttings, or a watering can with a fine nozzle can be used to gently water the medium.


The temperature in the cloning area should be kept between 68-77°F to ensure healthy growth and prevent damage to the cuttings. The humidity dome will help to maintain a stable temperature.

Monitoring Growth

growing clones

After 7-14 days, the cuttings should have developed roots and begun to grow new leaves. At this point, the humidity dome can be removed and the lights can be kept at the same height, but with a slightly reduced intensity. Gradually reduce the humidity levels over the next week, and after 2-3 weeks, the clones can be transplanted into their final growing medium.

In conclusion, growing cannabis plants from clones is a straightforward process that can provide consistent and high-quality results. By following these steps and providing the proper equipment, care, and attention, you can successfully grow healthy and productive cannabis plants from clones. With a little patience and attention to detail, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds from your cannabis clones.

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