Happy New Year

January 4, 2016

It is a couple of days late but we wanted to say Happy New Years to all of our consistent followers. We have been incredibly busy since the start of the new year, it looks like a lot of people were waiting till 2016 to start their garden.

No worries though, we have more than enough to go around… of most strains. This year it seems that GDP and Blue Dream are some of if not the most popular strains right now. Not sure if they are being prepped for the upcoming outdoor season or grown indoors but it seems nearly impossible to keep these girls in stock.

We have an ever growing library of OG strains. Not all officially available yet but we have Tahoe OG, True OG,  XXX OG, BTY OG, Hells Angel OG, and Martian Candy OG all of which are amazing strains in their own right.

This year is likely to be the year of the OG and the year of the classics… So many more growers than last year are looking to those classic strains for their outdoor garden… And of course the OG is always a Southern California favorite.

This year looks like it will be a good one, and we look forward to spending it with the growers of the High Desert.

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