Hella Jelly

September 30, 2022

Hella Jelly StrainGeneral Strain Information

Type: Sativa Dominate

Genetics: Very Cherry x Notorious T.H.C.

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Description: Hella Jelly is a relatively new strain produced by Humboldt Seeds Company. It was formerly known as Jelly Rancher. It is a cross between Very Cherry and Notorious T.H.C. It won California’s 2021 The Grow Off cultivation competition and is an extremely productive, fast-flowering strain with THC levels over 30%.

That’s right! Not only is this a Sativa Dominate strain with over 30% THC, but it also flowers in 8 weeks! That is practically unheard of in sativa strains. It is an easy to grow, fast production strain that makes stock stems and short nodes. It does well in greenhouses, outdoor, and indoors.

The flowers are lime green in color with a sugary sparkle and a fruity cotton candy like terpene profile. It is potent and yet energizing, with small traces of CBG and CBD in the test results for it.