Marijuana Plant Nursery – Southern California 2019

January 3, 2019

A new year has begun and we are ready to help you face it. Many new strains have been added over the last several months, all of them great and all of them ready to be grown out this year.

2019 we will have many more teen plants.

Plants sized from 15-24 inches will be available for most of the summer season. This is a service we have tried to offer before but were never able to maintain enough inventory for all of the growers out there, we are hoping we will be able to this year but do advise that growers call ahead and reserve plats to ensure that they are available.

Clones – Teens – Seeds

We have a limited number of seeds available from Your Seed Company. If you have been following along with this company you will know that they are one of the top producers of quality right now and have an incredibly limited availability. We are pleased to be able to offer the first three cards from Your Seed Company, #1 Donatello, #2 Rigel OG and #3 Fuego OG.

We will be delivering clones and more all over Southern California!

We are working hard this year to ensure that we can serve all of the patients that are looking to grow this year and have expanded our reach to a larger area of Southern California.

If you are ready to grow or just want to check on availability give us a call today!

(760) 646-3644

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