Marijuana Plant Size Chart

February 10, 2016

We at HighDesertClones are always hearing from patients that they are unclear on what size a teen plant is, and if you look online, there are just hundreds of different opinions.

Therefore, we have taken the task of creating an easy to understand size chart that reflects the sizes of plants that we sell.

Clones are typically plants that have a number of roots coming out of the rockwool or rapid rooter plug. These clones are ready to be transferred into any type of grow for their vegetation period. Clones are ideal for hydroponic system as well as soil or coco as the growing medium.

Cups are typically plants that have been rooted for a period of time and have grown to become established. These are no longer clones but small plants. Typically 6-10 inches tall and already developing additional branching, these plants are ready for explosive growth.

Teens are plants that have been growing in a 1 gal pot for a period of time and have reached 18-24 inches in height. This size is ideal for many growers who are looking to reduce their vegetative period and are looking for plants that are incredibly well established.

Flower Ready plants are for growers who are looking to skip the vegetative growth period completely, create mother plants, or just grow GIANT plants quickly. A Flower Ready plant is greater than 30 inches tall including the 1 gallon pot. These plants are huge and incredibly difficult to keep in stock. If you are interested in a specific strain of Flower Ready plants, please take the opportunity to pre-order the number of plants you desire.

Those are the HighDesertClones plant sizes. We hope that this plant size chart helps clear up any questions and assists growers with finding the perfect size for their grow.


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