Pandora’s Box

February 16, 2021

This strain is currently discontinued. Instead, we would suggest Mountaintop Mint.

General Strain Information

Type: Sativa Dominate Strain

Genetics: Jack the Ripper and Space Queen

Flowering Time: 56-63 days

Description: Pandora’s Box is a Sativa Dominate strain that came from crossing Jack the Ripper and Space Queen. It is about 70% sativa, with enormous vigour and stretch. This plant benefits from being topped so it can branch out like a bush and produce multiple heavy branches with sticky buds. It often needs some support from about day 50 through to harvest. Overall, it produces rock-hard buds with lots of crystals and a heavy yield.

This strain carries the scent of citrus and space, with a smooth taste. It is very uplifting and great for coping with stress and depression. This strain also produces excellent extracts as well.

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