Purple Punch

March 5, 2020

General Strain Information

Type: Indica Dominate

Genetics: SFV OG x Grand Daddy Purple

Flowering Time: 50-60 days

Description: The Purple Punch is an 80/20 indica dominate hybrid that combines the classic dense purple flowers of Granddaddy Purple with SFV OG. It produces flowers that easily test at 25% THC. It has a knockout punch high of euphoria flowered by a heady lift and relaxed body state, often leading to a long and peaceful sleep – best used at night or before trying to rest. This strain is perfect for insomnia, chronic stress, nausea, depression, and chronic pain.

The flower is a fluffy oversized nug of bright green with red orange hairs and very frosty amber trichomes. It has the aroma of blueberries and grapes with an herbal overtone. Overall, the flavor is sweet, combining vanilla blueberry with sour grape candy.

The plant itself is a short and stocky one with numerous trichome laden high yielding branches and can easily yield 1000-2000 grams outdoor, or 600-700 grams per meter indoors, with a short flower time of 50-60 days.

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