Caging plants for indoor grows

May 18, 2016

Today in a garden with a local grower who is caging plants to increase yield. This is a common method that is used both indoors and outdoors. The cage around the plant provides additional support which is going to be necessary to hold up large flowers. When growing indoors the support that is provided by the cage can also help to keep the plants organized and as close to the light as possible. cagedplants

The grow today is 50-60 XXX OG plants that are approx 5 weeks old. At this stage they are about 1 week from being switched over to flowering. These majority of the plants are placed into 3 gallon smart pots, although a few were placed into 5 gallon due to their size.

The cages placed around the plants are made from 4 foot tall welded wire fencing, 14 gauge. The rolls we used were 100 feet in length per roll. The individual cages were approx 4 and a half feet of length carefully circled around the plant.

These plants are placed fairly closely and trimmed in a “lolly popping” fashion. This is a true top quality grow and an experienced farmer. Consistently producing 2-3 pounds per light, and utilizing 4 lights. The lighting systems offer a type of dimmer and during Veg period are set to 600 watts, but may be increased up to 1000 during the flower period.

This is a very straight forward set up that requires a fair amount of hand watering and pruning but is a proven method for producing top quality soil grown flowers.

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